Our Mission

We at Classical Remix believe that exploring classical theatre with young people is a powerful tool for exploring our history and talking about our future.

Vision Statement

Vision Statement Photo.jpg

Classical Remix is the theatre collective in residence at P.S. 264 in Brooklyn, NY. Our
group of theatre artists is made up of educators at P.S. 264 and theatre professionals in the Greater NYC community. We are dedicated to working together as a
community to bring classical theatre productions to our elementary age students.
We then work alongside those students to create new works of theatre that ask big
questions, makes connections and are inspired by the classics and by the world
around us.

Each production is a carefully chosen classical piece that addresses questions about
our humanity. The collective begins by reviewing and rehearsing the text so that it
may be appropriate for elementary school audiences. After artistically presenting
the piece to the students, the collective proceeds to work alongside those young
artists to explore the play through dramatic activities and scene study. The students
then adapt and create a brand new piece of theatre inspired by our season’s

We aim to link past themes to present day and explore our progress as humans. This
allows the students to create and perform original, thought-provoking shows and
engage with our community.