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Tobi Sarah Waldron

(Resident Design Artist) an elementary educator and graphic artist living in Truckee, CA. She is honored to be part of the resident staff at Classical Remix. Tobi has many roots planted at P.S. 264, where she has taken on theater projects from 2012, notably: The Jungle Book, The Haunting of Campsite 264, The Lion King KIDS, and Civil Shadows. Most recently she program directed the 2016 Lovewell Institute for the Creative Arts Summer Workshop in partnership with P.S. 264 that produced Underneath Egypt. She has developed Lovewell after school programs at the University School in Fort Lauderdale, FL (The Moon Watchers and The Plant) and in Brooklyn, NY (The Haunting of Campsite 264 and Civil Shadows). Tobi has her Master’s in Special Education and is currently teaching Kindergarten in Reno, NV.