The Odyssey will be performing in the NYC 2018 Fringe Festival! #fringejr

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The odyssey

Written by: Hannah Reuter

A Classical Remix Theatre Collective production

An acting troupe is traveling to Athens to perform THE ODYSSEY. They get lost and find a perfect audience to rehearse for... YOU! Will they outsmart the Cyclops, Sirens and Poseidon to get Odysseus home safely? Join us and see!  


  • Saturday 10/6 2pm-2:35pm
  • Sunday 10/7 1pm-1:35pm
  • Monday 10/8 5:30pm-6:05pm
  • Tuesday 10/9 7pm-7:35pm
  • Wednesday 10/10 7pm-7:35pm


HB Studios 
124 Bank Street
New York, New York

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