Rare Visions Poster.jpg

Rare Visions: A Midsummer Experience

Written by William Shakespeare
Devised by the Classical Remix Theatre Collective
and the 5th Grade Class of 2018 at P.S. 264.

Teenagers fall in love, fairies create magical mischief, and our local mechanicals prepare for the Duke's wedding. As you can tell there is a lot going on in the city of Athens, which makes it a perfect place to visit. Get ready to tour the sights, attend a wedding, and get caught up in a fairy spell as these students transform Shakespeare's most enchanting comedy into an experience everyone just has to dance through.

*DIME Community Bank
*Sports and Arts in Schools Foundation



Director / Lead Teacher – Lyndsey McAdams 
Assistant Director / Teaching Artist – Rosa Prado
Production Manager / Teaching Artist – James Mc. McDermott
Fundraising / Advertisement – Christa Comito
Poster Design – Tobi Sarah Waldron

Midsummer Guides
Lyndsey McAdams, Rosa Prado, Christa Comito
(Students) Abel, Giuliana 

Shirley Chin 

Forest Fairy
James Mc. McDermott 

Victoria, Sarah, Ghada, Alexis, Laila, Jana, Mikey, Hailey, Andrea

Fairies Group
Puck- Miri
Oberon- Adam
Titania- Daria
Bottom- Christian
Peaseblossom- Abigail
Moth- Shane
Cobweb- Kaelyn
Mustard Seed- Noreen
Juniper- Elif
Sunbeam- Diana
Moonlight- Vanvy
Cinnamon- Miabella

Librarian Fairies
Kiran, Zoe, Chris N. 

Lovers Group
Helena- Edona
Hermia- Anaid-Ilia
Lysander- Domenick
Demetrius- Hamzah
Puck- Adelina
Oberon- Yousef 

Court / Mechanics Group
Cobble- Hanna
Starvelling- Abdullah
Snug- Adem
Quince- Lily
Bottom- Isabella
Snout- Merub
Puck- Sophia
Egeus- Luca
Theseus- Daniel
Hippolyta- Nikol
Philostrate- Jenna
Flute- Brandon 

Cameron, Kadeja, Sindi, Nada