Macbeth: A Devised Haunted Experience

 theatrical encounter that was created by P.S. 264's 5th Grade students. By following the Classical Remix Spirit Guides, the students will be engaging their audience as active royal subjects and eyewitnesses to the events of the play. Come watch and engage as our young actors and creative team bring the world of Macbeth into actuality, and physically guide their subjects through a walk-through experience of Macbeth's decision making process. If you are brave enough, join our Scottish clans and be apart of the building's transformation
to the hills of Scotland.

Spirit Guides:

Lyndsey McAdams, James Mc. McDermott, Wes Laga, Christa Comito, Amanda Edison

Adult artists:

Producer – James Mc. McDermott
Co-Director / Lead Teacher – Lyndsey McAdams
Co-Director / Teaching Artist – Wes Laga
Resident Artists – Christa Comito & Amanda Edison
Set Design – Cathy Capetanakis
Costume Design – Rachel Vacker
Poster & Playbill Design- Tobi Sarah Nagy

Youth Artists:

Assistant Director- Angeline Castro
Production Assistant- Rana Almamoon

Scene/Part 3

Lady Macbeth: Mayo Bernal
Macbeth: Altarius Shu
Murderer 1: Hasnain Akhtar
Murderer 2: Susy Atonal
Lord 1 and Apparition 1: Melissa Rivera
Lord 2 and Apparition 2: Ruquya Aljahmi
Lord 3 and Apparition 3: Rowayda Mahmoud
Banquo: James Bajana
Fleance and Witch 3: Connie Zhang
Witch 1: Isabella Nguyen
Witch 2: Marlee Mortensen

Stage Crew:

  • Jose Meza-Sanchez
  • Noyoze Osakue
  • Sabrina Rampelotto
  • Minna Bahlool
  • Mulan Norris
  • Magen Brybag
  • Carol Lima-Mendez

tech crew:

  • Ramez Hassanen
  • Jamie Borodan
  • Matthew De Ascentiis
  • Adrian Fontanes
  • Evelyn Juarez
  • Hiba Berredjem
  • Younes Boudali
  • Michael Vega
  • Andrew Simms

Scene/Part 1

Macbeth Guide: Martin Torterolo
Banquo: Drew Badalamenti
Witch 1: Rama Shahine
Witch 2: Ariana Blakaj
Witch 3: Katherine Sohn
Ross: Martins Klesna
Malcolm: Carleen Frias
Sergeant: Maxwell Cheung
King Duncan: Natalie Salas

Scene/Part 2

Lady Macbeth: Olivia Nelson-Galan
Macbeth: Travis Saccenti
Macduff: Emily Graham
Banquo: Rayna Klutse
Malcolm: Jie Yi Ma
Porter: Natalie Salas
Lenox: Zachary Lazaroff
Macfennel: Sabtain Akhtar
Servant: Jade Palazzo
Messenger: Gladys Ortega
Spirit Guides: Drew Badalamenti and Camron Medina

Stage Crew:

  • Diego Marin
  • Anton Ianachi
  • Khalil Alibrahim
  • Viviana Vazquez
  • Jonah Whalen
  • Chelsea Tanchez

Tech Crew:

  • Leonardo Bonilla
  • Carleen Frias
  • Kennyel Gonzalez
  • Malek Bassiouny
  • Colin Mullin

Scene/Part 4

Macduff: Hussan Mustafa
Malcolm: Joshua Amigon
Ross: Obaida Mohammad
Doctor: Rebecca Carew
Gentlewoman: Rama Shahine
Lady Macbeth: Ariana Blakaj
Macbeth: Martins Klesna
Seyton: Luz Vasquez
Siward: Moustafa Abdelghani
Messenger: Ines Chelihi
Monteith: Mahrukh Mustafa
Spirit Guide: Adam Elmeligy

STage crew:

  • Noberto Castillo
  • Jacob Rosado
  • Jasmine Hidalgo
  • Alexis Pani
  • Arthur Giza
  • Musa

Tech crew

  • Juan Carlos Solis
  • Youssef Shalaby
  • Maxwell Cheung
  • Miles Hooper
  • Jesse Grande
  • Elisa Yong

meet the cast:

Lyndsey McAdams is the theatre teacher at P.S. 264. She is thrilled to be working with this awesome group on Macbeth: A Devised Haunted Experience. She loves being able to create at this incredible school, working with so many thoughtful students and grown-ups. She recently acted in and co-directed Classical Remix's Antigone. She also directed Civil ShadowsCinderellaThe Lion King and The Haunting of Campsite 264 here at P.S. 264. She is excited to share many more performance projects throughout the year. Over the past 11 years, she has directed many a show, some more favorites include: The Odyssey, King Richard III, Blanca Flor, The Princess and the Pea, Macbeth and Julius Caesar. She holds a B.A. in Theatre with an emphasis in directing from Atlanta’s Agnes Scott College, and a M.A. in Educational Theatre from New York University. She would like to give a special thanks to Mrs. Edison and Mrs. Mousouroulis for their support, and she would also like to give a special thanks to the cast, crew, designers and staff of Macbeth. Congratulations to the 5th grade for making this epic project all your own! Love to AC, family and friends!

James Mc. McDermott is a Paraprofessional at P.S. 264 as well as the Company Manager and Actor for Classical Remix. He obtained a degree in Theatre & Performance from SUNY Purchase. James is a theatre artist who has performed and directed professional theatre in the greater NYC and Westchester area. Recent acting credits include Antigone with Classical Remix, Men Are Dogs with Narrows Community Theater, and Evita(off-off- broadway) with The Gallery Players. Recent feature/background film work include Law & Order SVU, Orange Is The New Black, Straight Line(short), and Indy with Second Gear Films. James is also heavily involved with the Drama Department at P.S. 264. Credits at the school include Underneath Egypt (Assistant Director/Assistant Choreographer), Cinderella KIDS (Stage Manager/Assistant Director), and The Lion King KIDS (Assistant Director). Macbeth has been a full-throttle experience and James is proud that this team of artists came together to create a wonderful production for these youth artists. Break legs everyone! …just not literally.

Wes Laga is thrilled to be part of yet again another brilliant production for Classical Remix! This is his second year with the Classical Remix theatre collective and Bay Ridge Elementary School for the Arts. Wes is a teaching artist working in both New York and New Jersey. When he's not inspiring young minds, he is pursuing his career as a DJ. He would like to give a shoutout to his cast and crew for this AMAZING production. Seeing 5th graders excited and looking forward to a production of Macbeth is what the norm should be!

Christa Comito is a Brooklyn native and teacher at P.S. 264. She holds collegiate degrees in Music Education and Dance as well as masters degrees in Education & Special Education. Christa has also appeared in various community theatre roles including, but not limited to- Antigone with Classical Remix, Men Are Dogs with Narrows Community Theater, Chicago with Venture Theatre and Xanadu with Venture Theatre. Christa has also worked on the P.S. 264 productions of Disney’s Cinderella KIDS and The Lion King KIDS. She sends a thanks to her family and friends for all their love and support!

Amanda Edison is a speech therapist in Brooklyn, NY. She has had an ongoing love affair with theatre since she was a little girl. Her grandma Kathy started bringing her to Broadway shows at a very young age. Amanda is excited to be working with such an incredibly talented group of people on Macbeth: A Devised Haunted Experience. This is Amanda’s first time participating in a theatrical production since high school. She holds a B.S and M.S from NYU in Speech Pathology with a minor concentration
in Theatre Studies. Amanda would like to congratulate the 5th graders on an excellent performance. She would like to thank her parents, Barry and Patrice for always being by her side cheering her on in everything she does. She would also like to thank her fiancé Howie for always supporting her without any question or any doubt. She would like to thank her son for coming to every rehearsal with her and being a good boy with grandma. Mostly, she’d like to thank her grandma for introducing her to her first love, theatre.