march 2016


Antigone – Mary Elise Jones
Creon – James Mc. McDermott
Guard/Teiresias/Messenger – Wes Laga
Haemon/Chorus Leader – Lyndsey McAdams
Ismeme – Christa Comito
Eurydice – Joann Rizzo
Chorus – Jamie Mayer
Child – Maryam Ali

production team:

Lead Teacher- Lyndsey McAdams
Teaching Artist- Wesley Laga
Set Design- Christa Comito
Sound Design- James Mc. McDermott
Sound Board Operator- Ayah Rifai
Lighting Design- Lyndsey McAdams
Poster & Playbill Design- Tobi Sarah Nagy

Meet The cast:

Mary Elise Jones (Antigone) is thrilled to perform in Antigone. Living in NYC, she has performed with Rebel Theatre, AlphaNYC, and 90xArts. She has a BFA in Musical Theatre and a Minor in Math. Eventually, she hopes to get her Masters in Acting. She has been blessed and hopes to bless others through an entertaining, truthful, and enlightening performance.

James Mc. McDermott (Creon) is a Paraprofessional at P.S. 264 and is very excited to be a Resident Artist for Classical Remix. He obtained a degree in Theatre & Performance from SUNY Purchase. Recent acting credits include Men Are Dogs with Narrows Community Theater, Evita(off-off- broadway) with The Gallery Players, and Straight Line(short-film). James is also heavily involved with the Drama Department at P.S. 264. Credits at the school include Cinderella KIDS (Production Stage Manager/Assistant Director), 1 st Annual Variety Show (Performer), and The Lion King KIDS (Assistant Director). Thank you to all of those that have supported him throughout this process and thank you to the students who make this project worth it!

Wesley Laga (Guard/Teiresias/Messenger) is an active teaching-artist, actor, DJ, and director who hails from the depths of New Jersey. He is currently a graduate student at The City College of New York, working towards his Masters in Educational
Theatre. #Ccnyprepares. During the summer he works as a theatre director at Iroquois Springs, a summer camp in New York. When he’s not spinning sick beats, you can find him staying active in the arts either directing a show or acting in a piece. He is very blessed to be a resident artist for the Classical Remix Theatre program. Shout out to his bangarang cast, Mom and Dad, and all the individuals who adovate for arts in schools across the country. Deuces.

Lyndsey McAdams (Haemon/Chrous Leader) is the theatre teacher at P.S. 264, The Bay Ridge Elementary School for the Arts. She is thrilled to be working with this awesome group of adults through Classical Remix to create a show to share with the upper grades. She loves being able to create at this incredible school, working with so many thoughtful students and grown-ups. She recently directed Civil Shadows, The Lion King KIDS and The Haunting of Campsite 264 at P.S. 264. She is excited to share many more performance projects throughout the year, including the much anticipated Cinderella KIDS. Over the past 11 years, she has directed many a show, some more favorites include: The Odyssey, King Richard III, Blanca Flor, The Princess and the Pea, and Julius Caesar. She holds a B.A. in Theatre with an emphasis in directing from Atlanta’s Agnes Scott College, and a M.A. in Educational Theatre from New York University. She would like to give a special thanks to Mrs. Edison and Mrs. Mousouroulis for their constant support, and she would also like to give a special thanks to the cast of Antigone, who have also been the crew, set designers, costume designers and more for this project. Love to family and friends!

Christa Comito (Ismeme) is a Brooklyn native and teacher at P.S. 264. She holds collegiate degrees in Music Education and Dance as well as masters degrees in Education & Special Education. Christa has also appeared in various community theatre roles including, but not limited to- Men Are Dogs with Narrows Community Theater, Chicago with Venture Theatre and Xanadu with Venture Theatre. Christa is also working as Stage Manager for the next P.S. 264 show Disney’s Cinderella KIDS. She sends a thanks to her family and friends for all their love and support! “Aye, if thou canst; but thou wouldst what thou canst not.”

Joann Rizzo (Eurydice) is the gym teacher at P.S. 264 and she has run the lights for the school’s productions of The Jungle Book, The Haunting of Campsite 264, The Lion King KIDS and Civil Shadows, and many more. Joann was also Co-Emcee for the school’s 1st Annual Variety Show. She enjoys twirling her blonde hair, she is a fan of the Beastie Boys, and she enjoys watching movies while eating popcorn. Her favorite color is purple.

Jamie M. Mayer (Chorus) is currently the Director of In-School Programs at New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC). She is extremely passionate about developing engaging arts programs for students of all ages and has worked in the field of arts education for over fifteen years. Jamie has taught, performed, and directed with various organizations and schools in New York City and San Diego, including NY International Fringe Festival, TADA! Youth Theater, Christian Youth Theater, viBe Theater Experience, and Frank Sinatra School of the Arts. She believes all youth should have access to a quality arts education that develops them into active contributors with limitless potential to be the leaders and innovators of tomorrow.

Maryam Ali (Child) is a 4 th Grade student at P.S. 264, The Bay Ridge Elementary School for the Arts. She was cast in this role by winning an essay contest held by the school’s Drama Department. She is very excited to work on this show!